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Some Food For Pot

Cannabis – a topic that has always been under limelight, with continuous urges from its proponents to get it legalized. While that’s another department all together, today, we are going to look at the cannabis restaurants that have creeped their way into the market.

Can we eat weed? The most straightforward answer is – Yes, we can. And what does it do to the body? Does it get you high the same way as smoking it does?

And the answer to that is – it depends. Let’s understand a little bit about the plant itself. The reason smoking weed gets you high is because of the process of decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is the process by which a carboxyl group gets removed from the compound. When you heat the leaves, they get decarboxylated, which in turn triggers the release of the psychoactive agents- THC and CBD. It is this THC and CBD that triggers the release of the chemical dopamine in the brain, which takes it to its relaxed state. The process of decarboxylation requires heat; while smoking, this heat comes from the flame. Hence weed, when consumed raw, will not get you high, as it would not have been subjected to heat. However, if baked, cooked, or exposed to any form of heat, the story is quite different.

With the legalization of weed being the new fad, several new restaurants have cropped up, their highlight being the provision to smoke, while enjoying a delicious meal out there in the open. Of course, these restaurants have stringent rules and regulations to abide by, but in a first, it sure does pique some curiosity!

In the US, smoking marijuana in public is still illegal in all the states. However, in some states, weed for recreational purposes is allowed, if you’re above 21, of course. In an unprecedented first, the Cannabis Café in LA, California, which obtained its official license to get going in 2019, has earned itself insane fame already. And here’s how your dining experience will be.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to show your ID – no entry for those less than the age of 21. Once you have passed this hurdle, you will be provided two menu cards – one for the food and one for the hash. A flower host, a.k.a budtender (Check out our previous article to know more about this new profession!) will help you choose the menu depending on your prior experience (professional/occasional/novice) and the extent to which you’re willing to go. Another point to note is that the restaurants in US don’t serve cannabis infused food; infused food is still illegal.

There are other countries that have always been pretty mellow about this. In Holland, not only is weed legal for recreational use, consumption of the same in public is allowed as well. Possession up to 5 grams wouldn’t get you into trouble and you can openly buy it from certain coffee shops. Further, Holland gourmet includes cannabis infused food – space cakes, hash brownies, you name it! Jamaica and Uruguay are some other countries that follow suit.

Another country that’s been easy-going about this is Cambodia. Though possession is technically illegal, there are several restaurants that serve infused food. Look for the sign “Happy” next to the dish in the menu card!

To sum it up, yes, the air around cannabis sure seems to be seeing a drift, and we will have to wait it out to see what it brings to the table. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments below!


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