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The Salsa to our Nachos!

You woke up late and you’re stuck in traffic. The meeting was scheduled at 10 am, it’s already 9:50 and you still have over 3 km to go. You know you definitely can’t make it in time and you’re cursing yourself and the alarm that fell flat for failing you the one day you had to make it on time. You reach office at 10:20 with a pounding heart, your hands clammy, feeling disgraced and uncertain as to how you’re going to face your boss. Your boss walks in cheerily and tells you that the meeting has been postponed to the next day.

You’re at the exam hall, waiting for the question paper to get distributed. You are hoping against hope that there are no questions from the chapters you skipped. You know it’s highly unlikely, but you didn’t have time cover the entire syllabus. You get the paper and frenetically check it. No questions from the chapters you skipped.

It’s the month end and boy, it was a reckless month. Your account is heading towards negatives and you still have a week to go. You get jitters thinking about the remaining week, and you’re kicking yourself for indulging in this prodigal lifestyle. Your phone beeps, your father has sent Rs 5000 to your account.

If life is a bowl of nachos, events like this is the salsa; they add tang and zest to it and make it a lot more wholesome! Often, we are so caught up with our busy schedule, we fail to appreciate the events of our lives that act as condiments to it. But, can you imagine how mundane life would be, without the occasional adrenaline rush that it throws at us? This article is just an appreciation post for times when the stars were in our favour. So, after you read this, take a minute to reflect on a time in your life when you had a close shave and give it a mental thumbs-up! After all, it is these events that spice up our lives and add the flavor to it!

Sure, this article wasn’t exactly to satiate your hunger for knowledge, but sometimes, we all need a breather in life and this is a gentle reminder for you to take one! :D


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